When I first started this blog, my intention was to share inspiration and information on the topic of finding your purpose. As I have evolved, so has the blog. I realize it is no longer enough for me to write about the topic of purpose simply because many person understand their purpose but are stuck there.

I’ve spoken to numerous persons who know what God is calling them to do but have yet to step into their purpose. It’s not enough to know what God has called you to do. You must walk in obedience.

My hope is that this blog will provide inspiration but also useful information to get you starting that business, writing, that blog, writing your book, creating your artwork, starting a ministry or whatever it is that He has placed on your heart.


Here you can find a bit more about how I came to starting this blog: Run your race

I have written a free E-book specifically to inspire you, the creative entrepreneur to chase after your dreams by looking at Joseph’s example. Find it here

Why I chose the name PowerfulU for this blog?

I believe that we are all striving to be a better version of ourselves. To me, the best version of ourselves is one that is fully surrendered to God and seeks to live a life that reflects his calling. We are all works in progress but by seeking to live out this calling we become our powerful selves, hence the name PowerfulU.

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  1. Thank you so much for the follow! Your blog is inspiring and a wonderful blessing. So glad you are using your gifts and calling in this way 🙂
    May you continue to shine your light brightly, Beautiful Sister!

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