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How To Start A Christian Blog In 5 Easy Steps

Has to Lord placed it in your heart to start writing but you are wondering how to start a Christian blog? Or are you seeking to get into blogging as a way to connect with your customers? Whatever the case may be, there are a few simple steps to take to start a self-hosted blog. It is important to know that a blog can be just a single page or it can be a part of a website, especially on the WordPress platform.

I remember when I switched my free blog over to a paid self-hosting website how much of a headache it was for me. I was able to push through and set it up for myself. Now I help others to do the same. If you are looking for how to start a Christian blog, here are a few helpful steps.

Settle on a Name

One of the most important things to do is choose the name of your blog. Please make sure it is something you can live with for a long time. Make sure it relates to what you will write about as it will be easier for you to be found when someone searches for that topic. So for example, if you will write about Christian motherhood, include some variation of that phrase in your blog/ website title.

Another easy option to go with is your name, especially if you what you want is a website. In the future, you can customize your website to include all that you are involved in. If I had a do over I would probably use my name as my main website because it would be easier to add all of my projects under it.

Whatever name you decide on, please check to make sure it is not already taken. Many times persons have their heart set on a particular name, some even start telling others about it but never check to make sure it is available for them. You don’t want to be disappointed so make sure it is available. Also remember you can buy your name in variations such as .com, .org or .net. Those are the more popular forms that are searched.

Free or Self-hosted

Your future goals for your blog will determine which method is best for you. Will you want to use your blog as a website in the future? Or will you only continue to use it as a blog page? If you want your blog to be a website in the future, then a self-hosted WordPress website is the better option for you. If you will only keep it as a blog page then a free .wordpress blog would be a better option for you. Keep in mind that a free blog will always have a .thenameoftheblogprovider. What I mean is, for WordPress it will be instead of

Purchase a Domain

After you have settled and checked to see if your name is available, you can go ahead and purchase your domain. I recommend Siteground to the persons whose websites I create. It is easier if you buy your domain through your hosting company. you will not have to do any transfer of domain later on.

Choose a Host

The information on your blog/website needs to be hosted somewhere. This is where a hosting company comes in. There are many of them available but the one I use to set up hosting for my clients is Siteground. Why do I use Siteground? I have found it to be really easy to set up websites with them. Not only that, their customer service personnel are easily reachable if you have any problems.

Customize your Blog

After you have purchased your domain and set up your hosting with Siteground they will advise you of how to log in to your WordPress site.When you log in to your site you can begin to customize it how you desire. There are many great free themes available but if you desire a particular look you can always purchase a theme.

Now you can start creating your first blog post!

If you cannot be bothered with the hassle of setting up your own blog/website, I offer WordPress website design services.  Contact me for service details.

how to start a christian blog 5 easy steps

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