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What Motivates You To Succeed In Life

What motivates you to succeed in life? Are you motivated to succeed because you want to take care of your family financially? Are you motivated by a certain status that comes with your accomplishments or are you motivated because you feel it is your life’s calling to do what you do?

When you are motivated to succeed because you feel it is your life’s calling there is less room for distractions from your purpose. Now, we all know that it is important to be in a position to take care of our financial needs but for that and achieving a certain status in life to be your only motivation, is operating on a shifty foundation.

What happens if you are not able to provide for your family? Will you lose your motivation to succeed? What if you are not able to achieve the status you want in life based on your success, will you then lose your motivation for success?

What Motivates You To Succeed In Life

Being motivated toward success is great but it is more important to be motivated toward the success God has in mind for you. The Bible says, whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” ( Colossians 3:23). When you seek success on God’s terms, all your other needs will be taken care of.

I’m always drawn to people who inspire and motivate others but lately, I’ve been reflecting on what they are motivating people towards. If I am motivating you towards something, my motivation is going to be influenced by my relationship with God.  Me having an eternal perspective on life will affect how I motivate you too.

If I am motivating you towards success it will have to be with the big picture of what God’s plans are for you in mind. I cannot just motivate everyone towards living a cookie cutter lifestyle where everyone is in a successful job, making tons of money and jet-setting for vacations wherever they please.

How I motivated you is decided by God’s purpose for you. So, what motivates you? Are you motivated by the world’s definition of success or are you motivated by God’s definition of success for you?

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