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Moving From Inspiration to Action

Voices of inspiration are everywhere today. Just turn to your favorite social media platform and you will immediately find someone inspiring you to believe in yourself, chase after your dreams, shed those extra pounds, be a good spouse, be a great parent and so on.

My own social media presence reflects this too. On a regular basis, I post inspiring quotes, bible verses, and stories.

Why do I do this? I don’t know why others do it but my main reason for doing this is to truly encourage someone who might be struggling with an issue and seeing that post at that moment causes them to think differently.

I share Bible verses for the same reasons. I never know when a verse I share is the exact one someone needs to see. This has happened to me too. Many times I’m scrolling through my feed and I come across a verse or quote that is just right to uplift my spirit.

moving from inspiration to action

But there is one frustration I have with inspiration.

How many people actually take action after feeling inspired? I’ve always wanted to do more than inspire. I’ve always felt my place in this world extends beyond inspiration to helping others to take action. This is why I have embarked on a journey to become a coach/consultant. I want to see people of God moving beyond being inspired to taking action.

I desire to see people of God rise up and fulfill their God-given purpose. Has God given you a business idea? Don’t just be inspired, take action. Has he given you an idea to create a product? Don’t just be inspired, take action. Take small action steps daily. Eventually, you will see the fruit of your labor.

So my friend, what are you doing this year, this week or even this day to move from just being inspired to action?

This post is a part of a 30-day blogging consistency challenge. Read the others here.


4 thoughts on “Moving From Inspiration to Action

  1. Love this! I get inspired a lot and I’m just starting to use what has God has given me to share with others. I also love quotes, and like to encourage others but sometimes I get fearful or doubt that I’m making a difference bc I don’t get feedback but its something God is helping me work through. Thank you for sharing this as I could personally relate to. God bless you.

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