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5 Items On My 2018 Not To Do List

Two years ago I couldn’t get enough of reading books on marketing, branding, and business in general. Lucky for me I had access to Audible and I was able to listen to a ton of books for free.  Two of my favorites from all those I listened to are Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business and Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moments Notice.

I remember reading one of Barbara Corcoran’s books and following the Shark Tank host on social media. One day she posted about the idea of a not to do list.

So what is this not to do list?

This is basically a list of things we did the previous year which we don’t want to repeat in the new one. For the New Year, I want to do my own not to do list. Here are five things that will be on my 2018 not to do list.

Hide my voice

I don’t always consider my voice to be the most knowledgeable. I don’t usually think of my writing as being in the stuff to write home about category.

I don’t always know the right words to use or the best scriptures to quote, but for the new year, what I won’t do is not share what I do know because of what I don’t know. Everyone is on a journey and who knows who needs to hear what I write.

not to do list

Neglect posting regularly on the blog

I try to post at least once per week but many times I don’t get to post my weekly blog post because I might have procrastinated too much. I plan to do a blogging consistency challenge in the new year. If you want to join me sign up and I will send you the info here.

Acquire information and not use it

I can be a real knowledge junkie. If you look at my Instagram you will see where I share the different books that are on my Kindle. Do you ever read and never use the information? Sometimes I read so much that a lot of the information never gets used. I find myself doing it a lot and I want to make my time count. So everything I read must be put to use, except when I’m reading for pleasure.

In 2018 I want to be more intentional about my reading and making sure what I read is put to use. Wanna know what I am reading next? Join me here to receive my reading recommendations. I just added a new book I will be sharing shortly.

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Write goals and not follow through with them

I must admit I am terrible at setting and following goals. I will write down my initial goals and have them in my head but I never get around to implementing them how I should. I have my eye on a cool downloadable planner that I would want to help me do this. I’m also working on becoming a Life Coach so I’m sure I will learn some skills not only to help others but to help myself too.

Focus on the 80 when I should focus on the 20

One of the many books I read a few years ago was this one about the 80/20 rule. Are you familiar with it? Basically, it says that 20 percent of the things we spend our time doing contribute to 80 percent of the result achieved. The other 80 percent gives us only 20 percent results.  So I want to put my focus on the 20 that is helpful and do more of that instead of the other 80 that produces only 20 percent result.

What about you? What do you plan not to do for 2018 and how will you make sure you follow through. I look forward to seeing all that you will achieve in the new year when you create your not to do list.

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4 thoughts on “5 Items On My 2018 Not To Do List

  1. Loved this post!

    Such a cool idea, a not to do list.

    Just like you I struggle with consistency when it comes to blogging and guilty of listening to webinars and doing courses and not acting on the new information gathered. Signed up for your blogging consistency challenge, looking forward to some accountability in 2018.

    Shanique |

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