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How to See Obstacles as Opportunities

How much of a tough situation can you endure before doubting God will come through for you again? It took the Israelites three days after the huge miracle of God parting the Red Sea, to start grumbling to Moses. Three days of walking in the desert without water just about did them in. For three days they had to go without a thing they desire greatly then they started to grumble. Read (Exodus 15).

What about you?

Would you have lasted that long or do you think you would last longer?

It is often so easy to forget the great thing God last did in our lives as soon as we meet a new obstacle.
As much as we grumble and gripe, God does come through for us. He provided a way for Moses to turn the bitter waters at Marah into sweet drinking water for his people.

He took their obstacle and turned it into an opportunity.

Can we do that too?

Change our perspective on our difficult situations?

Can we have a positive perspective on life?

And maybe, just maybe we can see our obstacle as an opportunity in disguise.

I’m not the biggest fan of trying to do things in our willpower because I prefer to rely on God who has all the power but I recently read a book on Blinklist which said this about turning our obstacles into opportunity,”when we are met with an obstacle we often only see it one way: insurmountable. But we can reveal the advantages an obstacle hides beneath the surface. How? By taking the larger context into consideration. Looking at the situation in isolation often makes the obstacle seem impenetrable but if we place it in context, we can often see that it is truly unimportant” Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle is the Way

What about the difficulty that you are facing right now? If you turned it around and view it as an opportunity, what would that opportunity look like?

obstacle to opportunity

We have the incredible opportunity of choosing how we react to every obstacle we face.

We can react by applying what we know to be true about God to our situation. we can view our obstacle in the context of how God takes care of his people.

Are we hurting? God says he comforts.

Do we need to make a transition? He says to trust him and he will direct our path.

Have we lost someone? He is a father to the fatherless. The promises are there. We just need to find them and put them to work for us.

Journal Questions

  • One obstacle I am facing now is?
  • Why is it an obstacle?
  • What can I learn from this obstacle?
  • What opportunity could I find in this obstacle?
  • If this obstacle was for someone else, what would I tell them to do?
  • What does the Bible teach about this obstacle?

If this encouraged you, share to do the same for someone else.

how to see obstacle as opportunity



6 thoughts on “How to See Obstacles as Opportunities

  1. There is nothing as bad as expecting something and getting nothing. It’s so devastating especially if it’s from someone close. But looking back, anytime I got disappointed and accepted that I couldn’t change the situation, God opened another door.
    Whining over the situation wastes one’s health and time.
    “God, you have a reason why,” and life goes on.

  2. It helps to think of these challenges as opportunities to know God in ways we haven’t already; like, how would we have known God can part the sea if the Israelites hadn’t been faced with that challenge?

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