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Touching Jesus: Help for desperate times

Difficult and desperate seasons are a part of the journey of life. Loss of a job, loss of a loved one, illness and the like. Desperation signals that we are close to giving up. It indicates a point of helplessness, a point where we believe we have done all we can and there is nothing more to do. This is a place where we need someone else to intervene for us to fix our situation pretty quickly.

The woman with the issue of blood needed help for a desperate time

“Suddenly a woman who had suffered from bleeding for twelve years came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloak. She said to herself, “If only I touch His cloak, I will be healed (Matt. 9:20)

Here was this woman who had been in a desperate state for twelve long years. She might have exhausted every other option available to her. Then she heard about this man who was healing the blind, causing the lame to walk and raising people from the dead.


I can see her pressing through the crowd despite her pain and discomfort. Determined to reach this man. Desperate to touch if only the tip of his garment. Convinced that all she needed to do was touch him and she would be healed. She touched him!

Jesus felt her touch and turned to her, her breath stilled for a second, thinking, I did it. I touched him.

Jesus acknowledged her faith and healed her. Tears of joy must have flowed from her. Sighs must have slipped from her as the felt the healing course through her veins. Words of praise must have poured from her lips. How amazing is this man who has put an end to my misery?

Joseph Chronicles

This amazing man is available to give us help for our desperate times

How long have you suffered through your desperate situation? Does the crowd around you know that you are down to your last hope? Are you now pressing through the crowd to get your healing?

Our desperate situation may have had a long course of existence. We may have to press in to connect with God for the relief that we need. God can heal our desperate situation just like he did for her.

help for desperate times

How can you touch Jesus in your desperate time?

Be patient

It is hard to be patient when we want to be relieved of our desperate situation. But if God is allowing it then there must be some good that will come from it for you. The good to come may be hard to see now but keep trusting that it will happen.

Keep pushing

Whatever the obstacle in your way, to get relief from your desperate situation, keep pushing. If there are people telling you that Jesus doesn’t care about what you are going through, keep pushing. When your circumstances say otherwise, keep pushing. When the way to your solution seems to be blocked in every way possible, keep pushing.

Believe Jesus wants to change your desperate situation

Jesus wants to help you in your desperate situation. Sometimes its really difficult to believe that help will come especially if you have been desperate for a while. Especially if you feel like you cannot hold on any longer. Jesus told the woman with the issue of blood, your faith has healed you. It was her belief that Jesus would that made her healing possible.


Journal Assignment

My desperation situation is?

What would leaving my desperation situation behind look like?

My prayer about my desperate situation is?

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