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Understanding Your Purpose -Pt. 9: How thought leaders can help?

Have you been following along with this series about understanding your purpose? I hope it has been helping you on your journey. This will be the final post in the series but look out for all the posts to be combined as an E-book soon.

Thought leaders are a valuable source of information to help you understand your purpose.

Who is a thought leader though? They are individuals who have done their homework or have experience with the need you have. You can gain a wealth of knowledge from them. Fortunately for us, we are able to find information in easily accessible formats, from videos to blogs, to books or podcasts. I encourage you to engage as much as you can with their materials, to gain the valuable advice they have to offer you about the topic of purpose.

Their experiences provide a blueprint of how you can possibly approach this situation of understanding your purpose.

Reading about the journey of others, helps me to discover relevant patterns I can apply to my journey as well. Because I’m naturally a reader, I decided to read everything I could get my hands about the topic of purpose. I am still on that journey to access and consume more information.

My Purpose- How Thought Leaders Can Help

On of the most influential though leader for me on the topic of purpose is Myles Munroe. His teachings have contributed greatly to my understanding of this topic.
There are many persons providing information about the topic understanding your purpose. Take advantage of them, learn from them. Expose yourself to a wide range of perspectives so you can make better decisions about your purpose.

I like to read classics at this point. Do you know the saying, nothing that is written is really new? So sometimes it is best to just go to the classics and save some time reading several books about the same thing. On the other hand, you get a wider range of perspectives when you engage with different thought leaders because each person’s perspective is influenced by their life experiences.

Essential Questions

Who are some thought leaders on the topic of purpose you could learn from?

Is their information in a format I like to learn it?

Is it current or up to date information?

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  1. It is good to find leaders that share your values and goals that you can look up to. I would advise that it is important to keep in mind though that while role models are good and helpful, every person will still have their own unique journey and experiences.

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