Understanding Purpose

Understanding Your Purpose: How a Mentor Can Help You{Pt.8}

A mentor is someone who has walked the path that you are now on and can offer advice and suggestions based on how they were able to navigate their own journey. They are able to use their life experiences as a model to help you understand your purpose. They can help you avoid unnecessary paths and time-wasting instead helping you to be productive and purposeful.

When you are in difficult times, a mentor can lend support to you.

Having a mentor that will allow you to reach out to them in your most challenging moments is invaluable. When there are questions that you need clarified, having someone who knows their purpose and can recount their journey will be a tremendous help to you.

A mentor lends a listening ear so you can talk about your concerns

Sometimes saying out loud what is on your mind with someone else helps you gain a better perspective. You may only need to speak your thoughts aloud and have someone listen, not necessarily to provide answers for you but just to allow you to clear your mind.

Finding mentors can be a difficult task but exploring your current connections may turn up someone who is willing and able to be a mentor for you. Most persons are willing to offer advice to others who are going through what they have already been through. Sometimes we just need to ask.

Most of these persons have probably shepherded many others like you so they are likely quite familiar with how to guide you. They are surely aware of how necessary it is to have God’s direction in your life and are willing to help you understand this for yourself.

Essential Questions
Have they had to deal with situations that are similar to mine?
Can they be trusted to keep your conversations private?
Do I feel comfortable sharing with them?
Will they be available to engage with you?

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12 thoughts on “Understanding Your Purpose: How a Mentor Can Help You{Pt.8}

  1. I have never thought of using a mentor through difficult times! I sure could of used some guidance and a listening ear during a couple seasons of my life! Great advice!

  2. Love this! Having a mentor is so important. I have had a great mentor in the past, but with moving so much we have lost contact. I need to start praying that God guide me to another.

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