Understanding Purpose

Understanding Your Purpose Through Service (Pt.7)

Another helpful way of understanding your purpose in life is through service. What does Jesus tell us? “Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else” (Mark 9:35). This is how Jesus lived his life, as a servant.

To serve is to give of your time and skills freely to a cause/organization of your choice. This takes the focus off you and puts it on how you can help others.

Through service you can experiment with your skills and passions. You can clarify what suits you best and learn whether you are truly passionate about an area or not. Experience here can serve as a trial run for your future endeavors. The skills you develop can be applied later on if this does become the area that you pursue.

understanding your purpose through serviceThe opportunity to learn from others around you through service is invaluable. Priceless wisdom is often gained through these excursions. You get to see how your area of interest is demonstrated in a real world setting.

Invaluable connections with people who can guide you to future opportunities are often made. They can point you towards the best persons to know in the industry, the best connections to make and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Stepping outside of yourself and focusing on the needs of others is very rewarding. Not only do you benefit from the experience you gain but also the satisfaction of being Jesus’ hands and feet on the earth.

Write in Your Journal
Does the organization serve the kind of clientele you are interested in?
What skill do I have that would be valuable to the organization?
What tools do I need to make the best use of the opportunity?
What do I hope to learn while there?
What about this organization makes me want to serve there?

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