Understanding Purpose

Understanding Your Purpose: What about your current profession?

Is it possible to find my purpose in my current profession? Do I have to quit my job to find my calling? For many persons this is a necessary step but not everyone needs to take such drastic measures. If you love your job, maybe you are right where God wants you.

God needs his people in all industries to be good examples of who he is to non believers. Tim Keller describes work by saying, “your daily work is ultimately an act of worship to the God who called and equipped you to do it—no matter what kind of work it is”. Whatever field you are in it doesn’t make a difference, as long as you do it for God and to the best of your abilities.

God needs his people in all aspects of our culture to expand his kingdom.

purpose current professionRemaining in your job gives you the ability to demonstrate the kingdom in a practical way to all those around you. You are poised to be an influence on a wider section of the society.

Do you love what you do? Then do it to the best of your ability. Let the Christ you profess be evident in what you do and as a result cause others to become interested in the light that you possess.

Sometimes we mistakenly think if we changed careers we could make a better impact for God. Spending quality time with God before you make any such decision is absolutely necessary.

Write in your Journal

What would I regret if I were to leave my job?

How can I live out my Christian beliefs honestly there?

How can I make an impact for Christ there?

What about my current job reflects my passion?

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