Christian Life Lessons

I Quit, God Finishes

I must confess, sometimes I begin reading a book and before I complete it I move on to another one. Why do I do this? If I see a more interesting book, sometimes I just cannot wait to dive into it. So, I press pause on the one I am reading and promise faithfully to go back to it.  Most of the times I do go back and complete it. But every once in a while I may not or I may have to force myself to complete it.  Especially if it wasn’t all that interesting in the first place.

God doesnt quit on you

Do you know that when you gave your life to God he began a good work in you? And guess what, nobody has to force him to continue this good work he is doing in you.
The Bible says, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”

I know sometimes it is hard to ‘see’ the work God is doing in you but that is when you trust what his word says.Your situation may have you feeling like God has forgotten you but he has not. When God makes a promise it is kept. We break our promises but he doesn’t. Live confidently in this work despite your flesh.

God doesnt quit on you

He is doing good work in you and he will not stop and move on to someone else like I do with my reading. He is committed to remaking you in the image of Christ until the day Christ returns.
You can therefore be confident that no matter what the days, week or years look like, he is at work in your life. God is a finisher.


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