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Understanding Your Purpose-Prayer {Pt.4}

Do you desire to understand your purpose? If you want to know this, then you must seek God in prayer. Communicating with the purpose giver has to be a first step on this journey.

We all have our favorite verses that speak to us. One of the most interesting scriptures to me about prayer is “pray without ceasing” (1 Thes. 5:8). Prayer is not a single event or an occasional occurrence; instead we should pray as often as we can. One Bible teacher says this includes as we go about our daily business we pray under of breathe when we cannot stop what we are doing to pray.

Prayer is an act of pouring out our hearts to God like Hannah did when she desperately wanted to have a son. (1 Samuel 1:15). She had a need and she came before God and persisted, even when the priest thought she was drunk and she received an answer to her prayer.

Like Hannah, you can persist before God in prayer to understand what his purpose for you is all about.

understanding your purpose through prayer

Prayer acts as the lifeline between us and God. You connect with God by asking for your daily bread and wait expectantly for an answer from him. This continuous connection builds your faith in his purpose for you.

You may be struggling and desperately need to know what to make of your life. Your daily connection with God through prayer is what will sustain you in your moments of confusion.

Communicating with God helps you to remember his promises and keep you focused on who God is and what he intends for you. It gives you the opportunity to ask and receive from God, to see him work in your life, and build your faith.

As you seek to find your purpose, communicate all your fears and anxieties to God. Put your faith in him to give you an answer. God desires to have a relationship with you. Take the time to seek his face and wait for him to answer you.

In Jeremiah 29:13, God reminded his people that they would find him if they seek him with all their heart. When we desire him, we must seek him with our whole heart and he will be found by us.

Since prayer is communicating, listening is also very important. As your listen you have the perfect opportunity to document your thoughts as I wrote about before in part 2, Understanding your purpose-Journaling.

As your prayer life grows, so will your understanding of the depth of God’s love for you. You will understand the importance of the sacrifice of Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins and the depth of love that it took to make such a sacrifice. It will draw you closer to God. It will help you to realize that without him we are nothing.

Spending time with God in prayer is an invaluable key to understanding your purpose.

{Write in your Journal}

• To improve my prayer life I will?
• My most urgent question about my purpose is?
• To spend more time in prayer I will?

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