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What I Admire About Caleb: Man of a Different Spirit

Man of a different spirit. I just love that title. But what was it about Caleb why God called him a ‘man of a different spirit’? Going through his story pointed me to a few things.

Before I go any further, here is a little of the back story on Caleb. God had promise the land of Canaan to the Children of Israel. God was now telling Moses to send some men into the land to explore it. Moses was to select twelve leaders, one from each ancestral tribe of Israel to send.  They were to survey the land and observe what the people there were like.

They explored the land for 40 days then reported back to Moses. The report was that the land was fruitful but it was also well fortified and inhabited by powerful people.  They were basically saying, the land is good but we are no match for the people there. Caleb did not agree with their conclusion. He saw it a whole different way and that is why he is a man of a different spirit. (Numbers 13&14)

He was responsible

Caleb was already a leader in his tribe which was why Moses chose him. God’s instructions were to pick people who were already leaders of one of the tribes. The task ahead of them would  require responsible persons because it was such an important job. Moses’ selection of him means that he already knew he was responsible from his past actions.

He was bold

“Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.” Numbers 13:30

Upon their return to camp and reporting on the mission, he had to silence the other leaders because of the bad report they were giving to Moses. He didn’t hold back and agree with the majority. He stood out and shared his view with Moses. It didn’t matter to him that his point of view different. His belief was different and he wanted the people to know it.

He trusted God’s words

He believed God when he said he would give them the land. Caleb believed and trusted what God said. That made him a man of a different spirit. His reaction to the mission was the opposite of those who said it could not be done.

They all saw the same land but where they saw impossibility, he saw possibility because he trusted in God.

Although the people were in despair because they were listening to the negative report of the other leaders, except Caleb and Joshua. Caleb still tried to convince them that regardless of what they saw in the natural, God was more than capable of providing them with a victory. The people in the land were many and strong but God would be the protection Israel if they placed their trust in him.

Do you think of yourself as a ‘man of a different spirit’? One that trusts the word of God and believes he will do as he says about your current situation? As believers we should try to live that way. To everyday learn to trust what God says in his word.

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