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3 Great Reasons Not To Fear Your Weaknesses

Modern culture often says we should hide our weaknesses. Not a glimpse of us in our moments of weakness must show. Acting brave at all time is a must, whether we feel like it or not. Anything that causes us to look weak must stay hidden.

Britain Prince Harry recently spoke out about mental health. He talked about how difficult it was for him to handle his mother’s death. Many persons praised him for speaking out but there were others who criticized him for showing weakness. They said he must stick to the British custom of keeping a stiff upper lip. That is, act tough at all times.

But what do we know as believers about our weaknesses?

Weaknesses teaches dependence on God

God knows we often try to fix our situations by ourselves. He wants us to live close to him and rely on him no matter what. [Tweet “Moments of weakness may hurt but they are also opportunities to practice dependence on God.”] God invites us to abide in him, rely on his strength and live from a place of dependence on him. When we don’t feel capable we can turn to God and he sustains us with his strength.

You become a vehicle for God’s strength

Moses is a great example of how God’s strength can take center stage when we don’t know how to handle a situation. Moses doubted his ability to speak to Pharaoh or the Egyptians (Genesis 6:12) in a way that would make them follow his instructions. God reassured him and gave him strength and power to accomplish what he was sending him to do. Moses became a vessel for God to show his strength through.

We  are also vessels for God to pour his strength into. Our willingness by his grace is all we need.

Weaknesses keep pride in check

Paul says he was given a weakness like a thorn in his flesh to prevent him from becoming boastful because of all the visions and revelations he had seen ( 2 Cor. 2:7). Like Paul, our weaknesses keeps our pride in check. Paul had a lot to boast about but he wanted his boasting to be about the goodness of God and not what he could do on his own. He knew his ability came from God. He recognized that we should elevate the one who gives us the ability instead of our self.

There is great strength available for you is your moments of weakness when you look at it through the eyes of God.

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