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Why You Should Ignore Your Inner Critic and Embrace Your Purpose

Deep within each of us there is a voice of self doubt actively campaigning against the things we desire to do. This voice tries to tell us that we are not good enough. We are not capable enough. Who are we to desire to be leaders in God’s kingdom is the constant nagging from the voice. The disqualifying adjectives rain down on us in abundance.

The inner critic is really the voice of the devil trying to keep you away from achieving your purpose. The enemy knows that God has great plans for your life. He know the Lord wants you to win souls for his kingdom and he is against that at all costs. His purpose is to steer you away from the path God has you on by planting seeds of doubt within you.

Instead of listening to the inner critic, you have to choose to listen to the truth of God. This truth of his word is our guide to his character and his promises to us. This takes practice but when we actively replace negative thoughts from the enemy with the truth of God we experience God’s peace.

When we place our faith in God’s word and ignore the inner critic, we gain the confidence we need to carry out our purposes. God knows that we would encounter the enemy trying to place doubts within us just as when Jesus was tested when he was led into¬† the desert (Matt. 4: 1-11) Jesus overcame so that we can overcome.

What situation are you facing right now that is challenging you because you doubt you ability to do it. God wants you to know that he has already conquered every situation that you think is unconquerable. And because he has done so, so can you.

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