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Staying Focused On Your Area Of Gifting

Studying the book of Acts has so far been fascinating. Having only explored the initial chapters, there are many lessons to learn. In studying chapter 6, I was intrigued by the apostles and how they sought to focus on what they knew God had called them to do. We see the apostles dealing with a conflict between two different Jewish groups in their congregation. This conflict was about one group of widows not getting as much food as the other.

The congregation was assembled by the apostles to work out a solution to this problem. What was interesting to me was they didn’t want to take this on themselves. They knew their responsibility and they knew there were others around them capable enough to do it. Here is what they said in Acts 6:2 NLT, …”we apostles should spend our time teaching the word of God, not running a food program”.area of gifting

As individuals often times we get sidetracked by things that should not be of concern to us.

For some persons, it is their personality to micro manage. They believe they are the only ones that are capable of getting the desired result. They do not believe that there is anyone good enough to do it as they can.

What strikes me as essential is, we should be aware of what our gifts are and keep our focus there.

We are at our best when we are flowing out of what God has given us to do. The Apostles were fully aware of their tasks and they did not want to be sidetracked. The rest of the congregation had this awareness also because they were in full agreement with him.

It was necessary to have someone in place over these responsibilities. What they did was to choose others who would be capable of doing this job. They identified suitable men and gave the task to them so that they could carry on with their responsibilities.

focusing on your area of gifting


Many times there are people waiting in the wings to shoulder some of the responsibilities but we hold on to what should be theirs.

This situation among them could have turned out differently. What if the Apostles has decided that they wanted to do all themselves? They would be neglecting what they were called to do. Both tasks would suffer because each would not receive the needed attention.

Is there something you need to give up so you can get on with what God has tasked you with? 

To be certain you are flowing in your God-given gifts it is helpful to know what your gifts are. Many persons do not operate in their gifts because they have no idea what they are. Recently I read Discover Your Spiritual Gifts by C. Peter Wagner which helped me to get a better understanding of what my gifts could be.

Are you carrying a load that you were not meant to bear?

God has given you certain responsibilities and he is counting on you to carry them out. Do not be distracted by other things, even when they may seem like good things. You were not meant to carry every load. We are a body of Christ, all with unique gifts and roles to play in expanding God’s Kingdom.

Talkback: Do you ever feel like you have taken on roles at your church for example that were not meant for you?

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