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Guest Post: Finding New Purpose From My Pain

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19 ESV

Each of us can probably recall a particular season during which there was much questioning, wondering, and figuring of God’s will. It is hard to see a season’s blessings when you’re without a job, when a friend has an addiction, or when there’s a sudden loss of life. But I’m so thankful that when God gives strength and grace enough to press through, a season of new is ushered in beyond what can ever be imagined.

Late 2015 was one of those hard seasons for me.

After finding out I was pregnant at age 43, I miscarried after just six weeks. I was an emotional wreck at times and allowed myself to heal as needed. I’d endured other hard days before, but none like these. I prayed and searched for answers up and down, trying to understand the why behind this devastation. And you know what? God proved faithful. He led me to His Word to reveal this season’s purpose. He gave me that strength and grace to press through. Truthfully, it was more than a revealing of a purpose. It was to be a revealing of Himself.

I remember having a strong sense and need to purge in the weeks following the miscarriage, and so did just that – I cleaned out closets, cabinets, got rid of things no longer useful to me, etc., until I felt like I was in a place of peace. Then God led me to the verse above, and I began to see the light of day. He was leading me to a new place in Him, a new way of knowing of His love, a new way of seeing His grace at work daily. HE was the life I’d been yearning for all along – not the child I lost and mourned over, but Life Himself. He was making room for Himself in my life because He needed to be there more. The purging and cleaning were symbolic.

What if I hadn’t yielded to the urgency I felt in needing to get rid of old things? I may not be anxious for Him and His Word as I am now. I may not have been able to make it through other hard days. The lesson is to listen in the hard times, even when things don’t make sense, so as not to miss what God is trying to say and do.

Did He have to allow a miscarriage for me to get to His chosen path? I don’t know. His will, not mine, I finally accepted. Yes, we will question and we will wonder, but we need to also learn to press through to see the new, and know His love is perfect in all things.

Melchee Johnson resides in Cary, NC, with her husband, and is a Christian blogger at New Day ( She is the founder and previous editor of PRAISE!Magazine which she published for seven years. She and her husband enjoy time spent with friends and family, particularly their nieces and nephews. Connect with Melchee on Twitter and Instagram at @melcheejohnson.

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