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4 Valuable Lessons Learnt About Christian Blogging

Christian blogging is about helping others

The major reason for Christian blogging is to use our words as a vessel for Christ. Our life experiences have shaped us into unique individuals. This shaping makes us valuable vessels in God’s armor. There are persons going through life that can be helped by what you have to say. When you do this, you are partnering with God by using your gifts and talents in showcasing God’s kingdom.

We may never know what others are going through and how our words may be just what they need to hear. I get blessed just reading comments on my blog about how some part of what I have written has ministered to someone. I always write with the hope that my words will meet some spiritual need in whoever reads it.

Write even when it feels like no one is listening

There will be times when it will feel like no one is listening and no one cares about the message you are spreading. In those moments, you press on anyhow. Why do you write anyway? Isn’t it to glorify God? As long as he is getting the glory he will let your words reach his target.

Some days you will feel like you are talking to an empty chair. No one cares what you have to say, the enemy will tell you. But if your words impact just one life, then you have made a difference. That one person can have a ripple effect on the lives of many others. Your purpose may only be to get the ripple started.

Keep your focus on Jesus

The focus is one spreading the good news of the kingdom of God. Keep your eyes on that prize. The main reason we blog is to spread the good news of Jesus, so it is important to keep our focus on that amidst all other distractions.

If you do Christian blogging, be careful not to be enticed by writing that does not glorify God in the long run just to make money. I am reminded of the scripture that says, “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life” John 6:27.

Find like-minded bloggers to interact with

The world of online writing or Christian blogging can be a lonely place. When you have a few other bloggers that you interact with, it helps to alleviate the loneliness. Many persons outside of the blogging world do not understand it.  It helps to have connections within this stratosphere so you can share the ups and downs of this journey. I have met several great people through this world of blogging and I am always excited to make new connections with Christian bloggers.

There are many other Christian bloggers that are willing to partner with you because ultimately we have the same goal. We may write about different aspects of the faith or for different audiences but ultimately we have the same objective. Building up the body of Christ.

If we are not already connected, see my social media icons below and let’s connect as we share the gospel! 

5 thoughts on “4 Valuable Lessons Learnt About Christian Blogging

  1. We just may be the beginning of the ripple, I like that. We just never know who may be helped. That is so true. I write about everything, but it is all for his glory. For he said that whatever we do, do it heartily as unto the Lord. Thanks for this post! Let’s press on!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I too also have a Christian-theme lifestyle blog and it is hard to find like minded people to connect with, but when we do it’s something special. Thanks for sharing, I may not comment on every post but I thoroughly enjoy your writing.

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