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3 Ideal Reasons To Remain Persistent When You Feel like Giving Up

Back in the day, I used to love watching the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, weird I know.  But what I liked about it was Brain’s persistence and commitment to his tasks. I sat in absolute astonishment at the end of each episode thinking that this guy is crazy for what he keeps doing. He set his objective as world domination and no matter how he got shot down he issued his famous line one every time ‘same thing we do every night try to take over the world’. 

The point could be made that it was a matter of insanity on his part, trying to do the same thing over and over and expecting to get different  results. The lesson I choose to take away is the importance of being persistent. As we go through our lives we will always be confronted by difficulties . To overcome we will have to learn to be persistent even when we just want to give up.

The biblical story of Zacchaeus and his persistence in getting to see Jesus supports this reality  for me. (Luke 19: 1-10). Zacchaeus was a man of short statue and he wanted to see Jesus. He was a part of a large crowd which made it difficult for him to be noticed. His persistence led him to run ahead of the crowd and climb up a tree so he would be seen. Instead of giving up he found another way to get noticed.

When we go through our difficulties sometimes it can be quite easy to throw in the towel. To quit. To give up. What if we decided to try a different approach during these times? Let us look at a some reasons this perspective can benefit you.

It’s about having an eternal perspective

Having an eternal mindset helps to maintain your peace here on  earth.  What you are going through may affect you now but with an eternal perspective you can find comfort in the thought that what happens here on earth is only a fraction of what is to come.

Sometimes it is easy to focus on the here and now and on solutions that will ease our pain temporarily but persistence is essential to our ultimate victory.

Regardless of the situations you are facing, your aim is to align your life with God’s eternal plan for you. 

Your character is being built

Enduring your challenges causes growth within you. Challenges that once seem like you would never be able to master becomes manageable after you have endured. Going through your trials will give you a level of strength and resistance like never before.

God wants to take you to the ultimate extension of who you can be him. He knows there are higher heights and deeper depths in him that you can reach but there is a strength that needs to be developed in you so that you will be firm and secure in him.

At the end of the day as James 1:4 tells us, “let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything”. It is a journey about maturing in Christ, and becoming a more complete person in him

You are poised to help someone else after you have persevered.

After you have reached a place of spiritual maturity you are able to help others to grow in their walk. If you are to become a leader in the kingdom, your testing will make you a more effective guide. Paul says it like this, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”. Philippians 3:14

Your story becomes an example for others in their time of need, to encourage them to believe that God is able to do for them what he did for you. Whatever your difficult situation maybe, have faith that God will come through for you.

Reflection Question: How do you handle feelings of giving up?

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