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What I Learnt About Finding Purpose At Any Age

Recently I saw this video of a  man who walked the catwalk at 80 years old. Now, I have no interest in walking the catwalk, but I admired his belief that he could do anything he set his mind to, regardless of his age. Over the course of his life, he had many opportunities and some failures. The one thing he spoke about the most was never giving up on your dreams and never believing that it is too late to achieve anything.

As a late comer to the world of writing I can relate. I’ve  had the desire to tell stories for a long time but never fully embraced it. I needed a reason to write and once I found my reason it was the beginning of a new dream.

What I have come to realize about embracing a new purpose at any age is this.

Achievement comes with maximum effort

As with any task that you set your minds to, a lot of effort will be required. The challenge is to develop a determined attitude that says, no matter what, I am going to fulfill this dream. This mindset acknowledges that it will be a difficult and uphill climb but nevertheless it can be done.

Having the desire is what counts

Regardless of your age, if you are able to combine desire with action then you still have the opportunity to fulfill your purpose. Who knows, maybe this age is actually the right time to achieve it because you have matured. Now that you have matured, you are better able to handle the requirements of your purpose.

It’s a calculated risk

A calculate risk is “a hazard or chance of failure whose degree of probability has been reckoned or estimated before some undertaking is entered upon” Merriam Websters Dictionary. You have examined the possibility of failure and you have also looked at the possibility of a reward. You can only trust in God and commit to hard work, and exercise faith that what  you hope for will come to fruition.

Gives you a sense of accomplishment

When you have finally taken the leap of faith and engaged in your desired tasks, there is a sense of joy and relief that comes with it. The fact that you took action brings a sense of relief to the self.

Brian Tracy puts it this way, “an average person who develops the habit of being action oriented and  getting important tasks completed quickly will run circles around a genius who talks a lot and makes wonderful plans but who gets very little done”.

Your ability to take action will foster within you a great sense of accomplishment. You are able to at least live with the knowledge that you took the necessary  steps to achieve your goals.

It guides all your other life choices

Being aware of your purpose provides a guiding light for everything you do. It gives you a clear direction and causes you to be aware of which decision are best for you. It will be a guide for you as you evaluate which opportunities to see what’s best for you.

You are able to help others to find theirs also

You have passed through the ups and down of your journey and you have an understanding of how to weather the highs and lows. There are many persons coming after you that will need your expertise.

Jeff Goins in his book You are a Writer(So Start Acting Like One), talks about the common expression that we are one in  a million which  implies that among 7 billion people in the world there are 7 thousand people like you. There will be people in your corner of the world that need your experience to help them on their journey.

Some soul-searching may be required

Finding purpose will not just happen, it will require effort to dig deep inside of yourself and find what is  important to you and what  you are passionate about. For many of us, our purposes are buried inside of us because we were trained to go through life focusing on working to climb the corporate ladder and not necessarily employment that fulfills a larger purpose.

And lastly it will take hard work

Every person that I have read that talks about their success in finding their purpose, states that it will take hard work. Most of us are aware that anything significant that we want to achieve will take deliberate engagement with the activities that will provide the results that we desire.

Whatever age you are, you can still find a purpose for your life. There is always another avenue awaiting you.

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