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3 important lessons I learnt about tuning out distractions

The audible notifications that we receive from our phones are said to activate the same response in our brain as when someone taps us on the shoulder. It is no wonder we have such a hard time resisting when we hear the sound.

Somehow we feel compelled to see what we are being notified about. It is as if there never existed a time when humans could function without constant knowledge of what is going on around them in real time.

We get so caught up in everything around us and sometimes we forget to focus on the main thing. In Luke 10, 38-42, we see the story of Mary and Martha preparing for Jesus’ visit. Martha became ruffled because Mary was not helping her with the chores and instead was focused on sitting at Jesus’s feet and listening to him.

Jesus counsels Martha by telling her that Mary was focused on the main thing, her relationship with Jesus, instead of being distracted by everything going on around her.

Their interaction with Jesus demonstrates the importance of tuning out distractions and focusing on the main thing.

Like Mary and Martha, when we have a God given purpose, we have to identify what is important to that purpose and remove all other distractions. We can do this by engaging in a few things.


When you are working from a plan it is harder to be distracted because you are aware of your end goal and you are able to  work more decisively towards it. You can carefully lay out your perceived direction and when anything unexpected tries to intervene, you can check with your already established plan and decide if it will create a conflict or divert you from your intended destination.

Structuring Your Environment

As a teacher, one of the most important things that we learn is how to create an environment that will provide the response that we want from our students. We arrange furniture in a certain way, we group children in a certain way or we control the climate in the room.

The same can be done to tune out distractions in our environment. Create an environment that is ideal by eliminating distractions and putting in place structures that will keep your attention on your task.

Keeping Your Attention On The Main Thing

As mentioned before, there are many things that are designed to take away your attention from your agenda to that of someone else’s. You always have to be mindful of your aims and objectives and focus your attention there.

Whether you are working from a list of goals for the day or otherwise. All the things that are vying for your attention are a part of someone else’s plan to suit their purposes. Your goal is to focus on your agenda.
tuning out distractions

Focus is Often A Matter of Commitment

You essentially decide that you will give your attention to a specific task and work ­at it until you are finished. Winston Churchill alludes to this by saying, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” We must keep our eyes on our most important prize and keep away distractions at least until we are ready to engage with them.

When we tune out distractions it gives us more time to focus on our God given purposes.

What are your major distractions?

How do you manage distractions?

7 thoughts on “3 important lessons I learnt about tuning out distractions

  1. This is a great post. I am struggling to focus on the mission at hand. Major distractions would be tv and social media. I don’t have that under control yet. It’s really annoying.
    Can’t really answer question 2. I am still working that out!


    1. I can definitely relate to social media. I turn off notifications sometimes and keep it FAR away from me so that it takes effort to check it.

  2. Our whole society struggles with having too many distractions! Thanks for helping us think about how to remove some of those distractions. I like your point about focusing on the main thing. When we know what the main thing is and have a clear vision for what it means to do that, it’s easier to do the important work.

    I will be the first to admit that I struggle with not setting longer term goals that trickle down into actionable steps. This allows the good things to get in the way of the best thing I should be doing.

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