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5 Ways To Get More Reading Done

Without a doubt, reading offers many benefits to bloggers and writers. For some of us though, making time to read is where the difficulty sets in. In this post, I would like to offer a few suggestion that can help with that.

Read from an electronic device

Reading from an electronic device makes your reading material easily accessible. Easy accessibility enhances the possibility of reading because you have your books handy if an opportunity presents itself. Usually, they are smaller than a book which makes it easier to carry them around.  This one size also allows you to carry several books at one time.

Another cool feature of using an electronic device is that you can easily make bookmarks and search for unfamiliar words. My device of choice is the Kindle, mainly because it is designed to be easy on the eyes.  There are so many options available for this, from a mobile phone to tablets to kindles, the options are many.

Always have reading material handy

Having your reading material at all times with you will increase the possibility that you will read. Plans are always changing, sometimes delays happen, so be prepared to take advantage of those moments.

When you have reading material handy, you are priming yourself to be on the lookout for any opportunity to read. As I mentioned before, reading from an electronic device makes it easier to access your books but taking your device with you at all times allows this convenience.

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Set a time for reading

Sometimes if we were to rearrange a few things on our schedule or give up some other recreational time, we would be able to fit in some reading time. Setting aside a specific time pins you down to get it done versus leaving it to chance.

Read for quality, not just quantity

Read to gain knowledge and not just to say you have completed a book.  The benefit of reading lies in what you are able to take away from it and apply to your context. It probably is a waste of time to only read to say that you have complete so and so many books. Reading should not be viewed as a conquest but instead as an exciting adventure.

Speed read some books

If you are familiar with speed reading, it can be a valuable option especially when it comes to easily digestible reading material. If you read a lot of blogs, for example, this might work well. I do this mostly for content that is easy to digest to make sure that I will retain what I am reading. Sometimes I read two or three eBooks during one week, then other times it takes me several weeks to finish one. It depends on the size of the book and also how I can schedule it in my time.

Be determined to do it

There are so many distractions around waiting to pull us into many directions. Having a mindset that says I will do it no matter what is what will be needed to pull it off. For those who do not love to read naturally, this will be more difficult but being determined to follow through is an act we are all capable of.

As you go through these points on getting more reading done I hope you can apply them to your situation to make your reading journey more successful.

What is your reading device of choice?

Do you prefer paper book or electronic book? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get More Reading Done

  1. This is great! I love audiobooks. Most of my books are in audio because like you said plans are always changing and it is very convenient. These are great suggestions because even though I love audio, I do enjoy actually reading words every now and then.

  2. I love the hard copy. A book lover from way back, it is my preference. However, I am glad for the digital option. I take advantage to read whenever waiting in lines and these days waiting is inevitable no matter what you need to do. I agree that you have to be intent on it because the distractions are plentiful.

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