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How Reading Helps Writers/Bloggers

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or tools) to write. Simple as that”. Stephen King

Most successful writers will tell you that you must read in order to be a good writer. I am a passionate advocate of reading, mainly because of how my imagination is stimulated when I read a book. Reading can transfer you to other places and times when you take the time to  do it. You are taken on a journey inside the mind of someone else and you get to interact with their creative process.

These are a few of the benefits I find from reading

It acts as your personal idea bank

Reading exposes you to an abundance of ideas that you can pull from to improve your creative process. Each time you open a book, you will find ideas that you can draw on to enhance your work. Every new piece of reading material is an invitation to explore similar experiences in your life. This could be helpful if you find that you are stumped for writing ideas.

Find quotes for your posts

Sometimes it can be difficult to find supporting quotes for your ideas but when you read widely it makes this a little easier. You are able to find and compile a variety of quotes that you can save for further use, whether to support your ideas or to clarify a point. If you read widely you will have the advantage of not just unique quotes but a wider variety to support and give more authority to your writings.

Increases  your knowledge

The more you read, the more information you will have stored in your memory to pull from. Your perspective broadens and your ability to comprehend deepens. You are able to explore new topics and deepen your understanding of the issues.You are exposed to a variety of perspectives which can help you to develop your thoughts and ideas.

Sharpens your writing skills

When you are exposed to the writings of others, you get the opportunity to examine their skills in using the language. Their work is a concrete version of how to apply some of the writing skills that may be new to you. You are given an in-depth look into their creative process and you can note what appeals to you.

Clarify your writing style

Reading will also help you figure out your own writing style. Because reading exposes you to many writing styles, you can make note of what speaks to you from different writers. You will begin to understand what your preferred style is or isn’t. Their works will also give you a hint of what would appeal to your readers and how to write for them.

I am sure that there are other ways reading can be beneficial to writers and bloggers. If you have found reading to be helpful with your blogging/writing please share below.



17 thoughts on “How Reading Helps Writers/Bloggers

  1. I so love this post!! I am a huge advocate for reading (and a Language Arts teacher, so clearly I have bias) and I am obsessed with reading. This year I set a goal for myself for 50 books. I’m up to 44. I love the reasons for reading you outlined. I always always always tell my students that if they want to become better writers, or even better test takers, reading is a must!! I also run the Book Club at my school. Needless to say, loved your post.

  2. Wow! Latoya, this is so true and profound insight. Reading books has helped my writing a great deal.
    My newest adventure now is reading the dictionary …still in the letter A. ?

  3. Very inspiring to read this. I have just started to read Walter Scott’s Waverly and got stuck because the language is so difficult for a foreigner like me. But then I continued and started to understand and even in this old book I find quotes I could use in blog posts.

  4. Thank you for sharing Latoya. This was some very powerful information. As l was reading, there was so much going through my mind that l would have never thought about that you opened my mind up to, and made me begin to think about. Thank you again.

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