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Owning Your Voice

With over 22 billion blogs on WordPress and over a billion users on  YouTube alone, the internet can seem like an overcrowded highway. With that said, why would anyone else want to join the crowd that is already jostling for the limited attention span of those who use the internet?

Although it might seem that there are many others saying the same things as you, your unique voice is what is inimitable. Your voice is one of a kind because of your distinctive perspectives, experiences and resulting thought processes.

Because of this, your point of view on the issues will be different from everyone else. There might also be individuals out there that can relate to you in a way they might not be able to relate to someone else because they can identify with your experiences.

As I continue to aspire to higher heights and deeper depths in Christ, I have come to realize the importance of owning my voice and using my experiences to help a few others. In doing this, I continue to work on a few areas and I encourage you to do the same.

Explore your fears

Sometimes lurking in the shadows of our greatest fears, are our greatest opportunities for success. This is common knowledge to us but the parasitic nature of fear thrives on keeping us locked in its vise grip with constant reminders and thoughts of what we cannot do. Trampling on our fears will mean that we must take a walk on the side of discomfort even if we dread it.

As a Christian, what I know about fear is, it is a spirit that was not given to me by God, as the scripture, God has not given us a spirit of fear tells me. Yet, overcoming fear is a process of feeding on the promises of God and bolstering our faith.

I remember watching a Priscilla Shirer sermon where she talks about what she does when she feels fear.One thing she pointed out was that she moved towards opportunities that brings fear to the forefront because most times it is the enemy that brings forth fear to prevent us from stepping into what God has in store for us. So we walk towards our fears with the expectation that on the other side of that fear is the fulfillment of a promise from God.

 Be a pioneer 

Being a pioneer means that we are to travel a path that is unexplored. No one has taken this exact route that you desire to take. The desires and dreams that you have may require you to negotiate some uncharted territory. You may have to be the one to set the trend instead of following the trend.

Purpose sometimes beckons to us from the unknown, daring us to recapture the initial faith of Peter and walk on water. Daring us to wipe all traces of fear from the bottom of our heels and take bold steps into the unknown. Tantalizing us to part the curtain of fear and take a peek at the new adventure that lies in wait.We have a great navigator in Jesus Christ and as long as we keep him as our compass we cannot get lost. He leads us instead towards precious jewels of purpose in him.

 Try something new

Doing new things build within you a reservoir of experiences which you can draw from to enhance your perspective and creativity. You also gain a  better foundation from which to project your own voice. Allowing you to further clarify your likes and dislikes and your areas of interest.

I am reminded of a new-born fawn trying its legs for the first time.It knows there is something out there that it wants to explore and even though its legs are new and wobbly, it still tries. It wobbles and stumbles and rights itself each time. That is the experience that is available to us when we step outside of our comfort zone and try something new and embrace what our voice represents.

 Be willing to walk alone

As a child, I remember being comforted by the song, One Set of Footprints in the Sand. It was a constant reminder to me that I was never walking alone, Jesus was always with me. Similar sentiments are expressed in Psalm 139, there is nowhere we can go that God is not already there, we don’t need to go high or low searching for him because he is always with us.

If I am following God’s lead, then I can walk alone if no one understands or can see the vision. Sometimes to get you to grow, God has to separate you from the masses. He separates you so he can shape you. But you are not alone because you have the greatest companion in Jesus Christ who tells us that he will never leave us or forsake us.

 Be willing to fail

I used to be deadly afraid of failure. So much so that I would not try anything that I would likely fail at. Over the years I have learned that failure doesn’t define me but instead, it teaches me. Instead of freaking out about failure, I look at it as a learning experience and acknowledge what could be done better the next time. In confronting failure we should look at ourselves through the eyes of Jesus, when we fail he does not condemn us but encourages us to get up and right ourselves and move on.

Embrace who God says you are

What I love about the word of God is, it defines me in a way that no one else can. Laying a path for me to learn about who I am and the heights and depths that I can achieve in Christ. explaining to me the value of who I am to the body of Christ and how each of us has an important role to play.

It lays the groundwork for me to rest in who I am in Christ and to revel in my possibilities. I love this love relationship with God because my soul finds rest in him. When I think about all my shortcoming, I also think about the fact that he loves me in spite of them.

This process of finding and owning your voice is a journey that will take some time. I hope you will take the chance of owning what is already yours.

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25 thoughts on “Owning Your Voice

  1. Move toward opportunities that bring fear – absolutely! I am always amazed (and humbled) by the ways that God can help me overcome my fears just enough to take the plunge for His important work. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, wow that was a great post. This is something that I am constantly dealing with. At times I feel like a lone voice but I have to give myself a self talk to remind myself of why I do this and how God has wired me for this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading Barbara! God certainly gives each of us what we need to shape our corners of the world. Looking forward to reading more of your writings!

  3. It’s so interesting to look back on my older blog posts. I sense the fear of boldness in my writing. In just a few months of blogging, I started letting my own voice shine, even when I’m afraid to do so! Thanks for encouraging us to move beyond our fears of being great!

  4. Hi Latoya!
    I enjoyed your post and the word the Lord gave to you. If anyone was a pioneer it was Jesus and what a great example to follow! You are right God has given us all our own voice and He created us to be unique to our own calling. Thanks for being my Jesus Glitter today!

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