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How to Grow in Your Season of Waiting

When you seek to live a life of calling, you are likely to come across a waiting place. This is a place where you might be uncertain of your next moves. At this place you may be trying to reconcile different visions of your immediate future. You are essentially at the ‘what’s next’ phase. This phase gives you the opportunity to do self-examination and development while you seek God for your next move.

When you are waiting on God, you have the opportunity to do your preparation for what’s next. We know he has a purpose for our lives. We know he created us to do great works for him and we know he will lead us and guide us in the ways we should go. We can take the opportunity to get our selves ready as we  wait with expectancy that he will make his purpose know to us.

As I seek to go to another level in my relationship with God, I have found that there are a few things that help me as I wait for my next. I hope they will help you too.

Spend more time with God: It goes without saying, that to maintain a life of calling, we need to walk close to God. If you are waiting on clarity of purpose, then this moment is the perfect opportunity to examine where you are with God and see what can be improved. Sometimes it’s a matter of us needing to slow down and strengthening our spiritual life. The waiting place gives us a reprieve to do so.

Self improvement: We are never quite a finished product are we? We are constantly changing and growing, as we internalize and broaden our knowledge base. There is always room for improvement and constant upgrade. We aim to become more of what God wants us to be daily.

We can apply a continuous self assessment process to our lives and make adjustments as we find our weak links. As Christians we seek to ensure that whatever we do, we do to the best of our abilities. This moment can be grasped as an opportunity to expand our knowledge base in whatever area you are feeling inclined to be of service to God.

Build relationships: At this temporary parking spot, you can seek out others that might be going through the same situations as you. Here you will find someone who can relate to where you are, share experiences and insights and grow together.

We can all learn from the lessons of each other, so we reach out to others that are moving along the same current as us. We also look to others that were able to swim through the currents and master the current rough seas that we are currently treading.

The waiting place gives us a great opportunity to exercise our faith in God. It allows us to live out our belief that God will do what his word says. It gives us the opportunity to see God come through for us. It allows us to learn the we can trust God and that he will do what he says in our lives.

Today, I encourage you to exercise your faith by holding on to the great promises from the greatest promise giver, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Hi Latoya! New follower here! Found you through the lovely Monica (afrotasticlady). Love this. I often get “distracted” while waiting so this gives me a new perspective on it. Good stuff!

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