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A Few Tips On Making Transitions

What is it for you? Are you waiting to make a big move? Are you waiting to take a new job? Start a family or a new project? Are you experiencing uncertainty about what to do next? It is a part of life that we have to make transitions, but sometimes we experience uncertainty with the best next option for our selves. Here are a few helpful tips to handle transitions.

Weigh  your options closely. Often times when we are in transition, we will have several paths available to us. To help you determine the right options, I suggest you make a list of the pros and cons of each opportunity and see which will fix best with you future intentions. Assess how you will benefit from the opportunity and also how it will affect different aspects of your life.

Take a look at the chain reaction of each opportunity, in others words, what will be the consequences of this opportunity. Some opportunities will place restrictions on your time or will free up more time, for example. What is important is the outcome you are interested in, by making this transition.

Is your next move only self-serving? Does what comes next serves the purpose of God for your life? Often times we look at opportunities just for the personal benefit that we will receive, and while that is an important consideration, it shouldn’t be our only motivation.

If gaining the personal benefit will cause you to compromise your values then maybe it is not worth it. Our purpose should always include some means of helping our neighbors. We should always assess how we can glorify God as Christians in all our activities.

Will there be suitable opportunities for growth: No one wants to remain the same, we all desire to become a better version of ourselves. If we are taking on new opportunities, there should obviously be avenues for greater self-development.

Take note of whether these new paths are in line with where you see yourself going in the future, as not every growth opportunity will be right for you. If the growth opportunity is going in a direction that is not in line with your future goals then maybe you need to consider something else.

Examine past decision-making. If you had in the past made decision that turned out to be good for you, then you can look back at your thought process as you made those decisions. What key factors did you examine to help you make your decisions? Can that same thought process help you now? This could be your opportunity to your life in a more purposeful direction.

I like what James reminds us to do when we are unsure.  If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you”James 1:5.

Since God’s word is our best source of direction, we should endeavor to search it out for helpings of wisdom and guidance for our journey. This should be our first move, the direction we turn to firstly.


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8 thoughts on “A Few Tips On Making Transitions

  1. I’m not currently in the middle of a transition but I wish to be. After reading this, I know that the transition I want to be in is self-centered; I want it just for myself without even putting God in the equation. Thank you for this.

    1. Absolutely. We are all guilty of being self -centered from time to time. It’s good when we think about whether what we want is what God truly wants for us.Thanks for reading!

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