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Benefits Of An Improved Prayer Life

“The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” Søren Kierkegaard.

When we engage in prayer we stand to gain many benefits. In a prior post, I wrote about 5 ways to improve your prayer life and with this improved prayer life you will see many benefits. I have seen where my relationship with God improved tremendously when I spent more time in his presence. For me personally, I have found the following benefits to be true.

I get closer to God- As you engage in prayer, you cannot help but be enveloped in the nearness of God. You become enamored with his presence as he pulls you closer and closer to himself. Your desire then becomes just to remain at this place of unconditional love. He waters the soil of your heart and feeds it nutrients that causes it to flourish.

More peaceful- This peace comes from understanding that God is in control of every circumstance of our lives and that he wants what’s best for us. We can rest in his capable hands. We find peace because he is handling our circumstances. We experience his peace that baffles worldly understanding.

And when difficulties arise, he promises that he will be there for us. Our anxiety lessens because we learn to take our problems, frustrations or disturbing situations to him first. We learn to  ignore the reaction of our flesh which is often to panic and instead rest on the one who is truly in control.

benefits improved prayer life

Walk in line with his will- This spending time in his presence speaking and listening, causes us to become more aware of his will. We get a better understand of what we need to do to put our hearts right with God. We learn to live our lives in a way that reflects his purposes for us.

The more I learn from him each prayer time, the more I can apply to my my life. We listen to what he has to say and activate these steps in our lives on a daily basis. Essentially, we learn to ask God for our daily bread.

More in awe of who God is-The more you pray the more you develop this sense of awe of who God is to us. Your attitude of worship grows as you spend more time getting to know him and reveling in his presence.

All these benefits and many more are available to us when we engage in more prayer with God. Are you doing everything that you can to reap the benefits of a closer relationship with God?

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