When Your Faith Falters

Many times my faith has wavered. There have been times I am waiting on God for something and I lose my focus of the greatness of God and my need to trust him always. I remember finding comfort in the scripture, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Often times we want to trust what we can see, what is real to us. We want the answers to our dilemmas to be rooted in what we are able to conceive of. But then I am reminded that God tells us that our thoughts are not his thoughts and his plans are not like our plans.

If you are seeking your purpose in God and your faith is feeling shaky, here are a few things that you can do.

Explore your trust in God

Decide to give God a chance to reign in your life. Surrender the circumstances that you need his help with and do not try to solve them on your own. Give them over to God and wait on his help with your situation.

Faith requires that we accept God’s plan with all our heart and not try to decipher our path. It requires that even if we cannot see the path way, we wait with the expectation that the steps will appear as we step. It is like putting your foot out and not seeing a walkway, but expecting that the walkway will appear as needed.

Understand that he sees the big picture

I am often led to view how God sees our situations as how a parent looks on their child’s situations. Parents have a perspective that a child cannot understand, and therefore they are able to make decisions based on that.

A child might not like or understand them, but the parent know that it is good for the child because they can see the big picture. God sees our big picture, and all he asks is that we accept that he knows the big picture and he wants what’s best for us.

 It’s better to trust him than trust ourselves

We may believe in our track record, but if we took a real microscopic look at our lives decision, we might see many mistakes that we made when we trusted our our own understanding instead of God’s.

We often allow our selves to be led by our emotions and we are not always led to do what’s best for us. For us many times hindsight is 20/20. In him, however, we have a sure foundation to trust in.

 Communicate with him constantly

As the scripture reminds us, faith comes by hearing, we must therefore put ourselves at a place where we can constantly hear from God to build our faith.  As we go through our day, we constantly engage with God  so that we can maximize our faith.

We trust in God with all our hearts and seek not to rely on our own faulty understanding of our situations. We seek him always and let him direct us to his purposes and plans for us.

Reflection: What is one thing you can do right now to grow in faith?


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