5 Ways To Improve Your Prayer Life

Lately, I have been paying attention to how I can improve my prayer life. I am still a work in progress, but I have found that doing the following 5 things have helped me.

Setting Aside Enough Time

When it comes to prayer time, the more of it we get in, the more beneficial it is to us. Because of this, we should try to do all that we can to spend as much time in prayer as possible.

Our aim is to build a better relationship with God through prayer. It’s just like building a regular relationship, investing time in it is valuable. If we neglect to spend time with God, the distance between us can seem like a gulf.

We  want to take our time to get to know him and speak our thoughts to him, but also to hear from him. We aim to set aside enough time for both aspect of the process to take place.

Remove distractions

It is so easy to get distracted when you go to pray. Especially because the enemy does not want you to do this. Your mind can start to go into so many directions that are not related to what you are about to do. If you have difficulty in this area try altering the environment.

Remove all potential distracting elements for your prayer area. If your phone, for example, is a distraction, leave it when you go to pray. You don’t want those notifications popping up and breaking your focus!

Wouldn’t it be great to all have a prayer room like the movie War Room! We have to make the best of what we have available. If it is not possible to remove distractions, then try using somewhere else.

Read the Bible first 

This primes and prepares your mind to interact with God. You start by hearing from him and proceed to praying to him and listening to what the Holy Spirit will bring to your heart. 

Read prayers in the Bible

The book of Psalms is said to be the Bible’s prayer book and provides an opportunity to read through many prayers.Throughout the Bible, you can find many other prayers. One of the most known being, The Lord’s Prayer.This gives you an idea of how to pray.

This is not to suggest that you are limited to a certain format of prayer but it is a great help especially if you are just getting started.

Another prayer that is interesting to read is John 17, before Jesus is arrested and he prays to be glorified, prays for his disciples and prays for all believers.

Be consistent 

In Mark 1: 35, Jesus sets an example for us, he get us very early in the morning to pray and he goes to pray in a solitary place. What we are after is a regular pattern of communication with God. Regardless of how we do it, regularity is important.

Prayer can be an ongoing process as we can always be talking to the God as we go about our daily lives. Here though, I am referring to that time that we set aside to focus solely on communicating with God.

There will always be interruptions to this pattern, but the aim is to have such consistency that if we miss a session we feel like something is missing in our lives.

Growing our relationship with God requires that we spend regular amounts of time in his presence. Let us not neglect this awesome opportunity to bond with our Heavenly Father.

Two of the books that have been helping me grow in this area are. Tim Keller’s Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God and this classic by Andrew Murray, Lord Teach Us to Pray.

Talkback: What’s going well or not so well with your prayer life?


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