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A Peek At My Bookshelf

Summer is fast approaching and you might be looking for some books you can put on your reading list.Today I would like to share with you some that I have read or listened to over the past two-three years.

Currently, I am more focused on reading non-fiction. I mainly read from the following genres: marketing, personal development, motivation and Christianity.

I do not limit myself though. I am willing to give most books a try, but if it is a bad book I cannot promise you I am going to finish it!

This week, I will share with you from the personal development genre. Over the coming weeks I will share from the other categories. If you are interested in learning anything from these genres, you can check these out.

I don’t necessarily agree with every idea put forward in these books but I see them as an opportunity to learn and broaden my perspective on different subjects

Personal Development

The Accidental Creative

The First Twenty Hours: How to Learn anything Fast- Josh Kaufman

The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J. Stanley

Think and Grow Rich -Napoleon Hill

Eat That Frog- Brian Tracy

The Charge -Brendon Burchard

The 4-hour Workweek- Tim Ferris

The Millionaire Messenger- Brendon Burchard

What is on your reading list? Please share what you are reading or will be reading. I am looking for some new reads too.







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