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Tip Tuesday

Have you ever been struck with an idea for a blog post and are trying frantically to write it or type it before you lose your train of thought? Yes, me too.

I started to type a note on my phone recently and accidentally clicked the microphone, then it dawned on me, wait, why not speak my thoughts instead. It would allow me to go much faster. Ding! ding! ding!

So that is my tip for this Tuesday: Dictate your blog posts or sudden ideas.

For some of you this might have been a foregone conclusion, but just maybe there is someone like myself out there that wasn’t doing this, you might find this idea of value.

Incidentally I was recently reading an eBook titled Write Better, Faster by Monica Leonelle and this was  mentioned  as one of the things that allowed her to write more, faster. Even though I read it, I never gave it a shot but accidentally I ‘discovered’ that it is actually a cool way to go.

I combine dictating with Evernote because I then have access to my dictated notes both on my phone and laptop.

So if you try this, or have been doing to for a while please share you thoughts below.

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