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Top 20 Post About Finding God’s Purpose For You

Everyone is searching for this elusive purpose for their lives.

Fortunately, God has given us clear instructions in his word about  his purpose for us. When we understand his will, then we can set our lives on a path that seeks to fulfill his purposes. Then we can bear fruit for him.

Here are some thoughts from some of today’s leading voices on the topic.

 1)  What Is The Will Of God and How Do We Know It

Written by John Piper, this post speaks about  two separate wills of God. His ‘Sovereign will’ and his ‘will of command’. It gives insight into how understanding this helps you to walk in God’s will.

2) What We Get Wrong About Finding God’s Will,
Chandler Vanoy in Relevant Magazine approaches it from the perspective of the mistakes we make when trying to find God’s will.

3) Finding God’s Direction In Your Life

Written by David Jeremiah, this post speaks about  approaching God in prayer when we need to know his will and combining this with our discernment to determine God’s will for us.

4) Finding God’s Plan For Our Lives

Words of Life Ministries gives us three reasons for believing God has a plan for us, and also speaks about different characteristics of God plan for us.

 5) 4 Steps to Finding Your Calling  

Relevant Magazine writer Lauren DAlessandro writes about  the searching process and how to sustain your purpose.

6) 4 Steps to Finding Your God Given Purpose

Ta’Tyana Leonard on her blog writes about us being made in the image of God and the changing nature of purpose due to life seasons.Some helpful visuals are also included.

7) 8 Keys To Knowing God’s Will For Your Lives

Chris Russell on Bible Study Tools writes about listening to God when praying and listening to your heart. He also writes about  looking at your natural interests and your current situations as they can also be of help.

8) What Is God’s Will For My Life

Jonathan Parnell at Desiring God, writes about finding God’s will not necessarily as difficult as we make it out to be.

9) How Do I know God’s Will

This article talks about God’s will involving us making decisions that will glorify him and walking in obedience to scripture.

10) What is God’s will for my life

David Platt in Relevant Magazine writes  about the need to know God’s will in different areas of our lives and how we go about understanding it.

11) 5 Questions To Know Gods Will For Your Life

Bill Blankschaen writes about the fear of making wrong decisions and gives us five questions to consider when trying to understand God’s will.

12) How Can I discover God’s Will

Charles R. Swindoll writes about the scripture and the Holy Spirit promptings as keys to this.

13) How to Find God’s Will In Your Life

Jack Wellman writes about  the renewed mind and seeking to do what is pleasing in God’s eyes and not following the world.

14) Three Ways To Know God’s Will For Your Life

Benny Hinn writes about our acceptance of Christ and subsequently letting him use us as keys.

15) How Do I Pray For God’s Will In My Life

Kenneth Copeland Ministries writes about praying the word of God to get results.

16) 4 Steps To Finding God’s Will For Your Life

Dr David Jeremiah writes about understanding God’s will from his word and using service to others to understand spiritual gifts given to us.

17) God’s Will

Billy Graham writes about getting your life in right standing before God, and seeking him through prayer, the word and wise counsel.

18) The Key to Finding God’s Purpose For Your Life

Tricia Goyer in Charisma Magazine writes that we build a relationship with God and take advantage of opportunities he presents before us.

19) How To Find God’s Will

Andrew Wommack write about how finding God’s will impacts those we come across, how we should approach it and how God’s will for us will sometimes require skills that will cause us to rely on him.

20) How To Know the Will Of God

Adrian Rogers writes about God’s promise of guidance for us and outlines several ways we can receive this guidance.

Do you have a post you think should be added to this list? Let me know.

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