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What are you working for?

Hurry, hurry, to get things done, always on the run, living life without the possibility of any fun. Can you stop to come up and catch the sun. Are you trudging without any concern for your soul, just fulfilling a role. No pleasure to be found, no sweet nectar for the soul, just trying to reach a goal, fitting into the mold.

Do not neglect you soul. Do not let it grow cold, gather mold. Acknowledge it before you get old. Truth be told, God wants to bring you into His fold. He’s the only one that can fill that hole and put you on his streets of gold.

He will supply all your needs, yes, just do the deed, heed. You have been called, separated from the chaff. You’ve got the stuff, though it may seem rough, just hang tough. Be willing to toil, burn the midnight oil, no, you cannot recoil. The harvest is ready, we cannot let it spoil

Time to confess, walk away from the mess, take the test and to our master leave the rest.

Go stand in line, like new wine. Do something divine. Where is your fruit, aren’t you connected to the vine? Maybe it’s a sign, make it a kingdom climb. Let your every intention be about bearing fruit, about staying connected to the root, about producing a shoot, forget about being mute. You’ve got to speak up, broadcast the truth.

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