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Activate It: Fulfill your Purpose

It’s all within you; God has placed it all there. That is what He did when He made you. He knew all that He intended for you to be when you were created. Don’t let it remain inside of you and perish.

Get up and push the start button, find the remote control for your life and switch it on. Switch it on and turn it to the channel that is all about the powerful you He created you to be. The roles are yours to play.

There is nothing foreign there just the familiar. What are you waiting for to step into a life that’s filled with promises for you. This is where you leave the old you behind and walk the path He has placed before you. It is time to change the station, press the start button, take up your bed and walk.

What holds you back? What ties you down? Do not let your insecurities hold you back, just give it a chance. Give God a chance to demonstrate his mighty power through you. Trust that when you enter the activation codes you will receive the green light to go. Go, start something, do something, renew something, or forget about something.

This is me using my activation codes. This is me chasing after a dream God has given me. This is me activating my new life. There are many others out there waiting to see you activated, to see what you produce. To show them that it can be done, victory must be won. Do not take forever to get this done.

Carry on be determined to see it through, to walk into your new avenue. As sure as the rising of the sun, you will get done, if you just activate it. No need to ponder, you already know what to do. No need to struggle like someone without a clue. Lean on the master, take his words to be true. Find comfort in them and let his light be your truth.

It stares at you from a place of wonder. Daring you to find the courage to come after it. It sits there in all its glory waiting for you. You look at it and know it is yours, beautifully packaged like the long awaited Christmas gifts of our childhood. It is yours, you have a promise by the great promise keeper. Go ahead, get started and watch your dreams come true.

2 thoughts on “Activate It: Fulfill your Purpose

  1. I don’t know if we would agree on each other’s concept of God…but I enjoyed this post and your message of activating the power inside of us. Everyone has that power!

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