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Running from Purpose

I have been watching with fascination the uproar surrounding popular dancehall recording artist Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw’s decision to follow Christ. She said in her own words that God has been calling her for a long time but she was not being obedient.

God has a way of getting to us no matter how hard we try to run away from his purpose. See, he already decided long ago that he had a specific purpose for each of us. We can go around and around in the wilderness like the children of Israel or run away like Jonah but eventually, we must come to a place where we acknowledge what God is saying to our hearts and follow it.

Why Do We Run?

Not capable enough: Some of us run because we think we are not capable of the things God wants us to do. Yes, I know about that one! Sometimes I wonder why God would want me to write anything. Whether what I write will matter. Whether it will make a difference in anyone’s life.  I always come back to the thought that it is not about me but what God wants from me that counts. I’m guessing that Marion Hall eventually came to this place and could no longer run.

Not what we want to do: Yes, we all have our dreams and aspiration, some loftier than others. We all have our own desires and wants. We want to do what we want to do. We want to be in control. We are focused on our selfish desires and so we run from purpose even when it is as plain as can be before our eyes. We sniff at it and pass it by because it is not what we want to do. It is not the good enough thing. It is not the money-making thing. It is not the glitz and glamour thing.

Doesn’t line up with our current path: Sometimes we run because it doesn’t line up with our present image. We see this in Marion Hall case because the dancehall image that she created is nothing like the one she says God called her to be. The path she was on did not line up with the path God wanted her to take and so she didn’t listen.

What others think: Some of us tend to be people pleasers so we spend our lives focused on doing the thing that will please the people instead of the thing that will please God. Sometimes we are caught up in living a life that just fulfills the status quo instead of a lesser role that pleases God.

Trusting God can feel quite scary. We are so used to doing things our way. We relish in our independence, but purpose can sometimes require us to let go of all that is familiar and step into unfamiliar territory.

It makes no sense to live unfulfilled and miserable. It makes no sense to pretend to the world that we are fine, just to gain material wealth because at the end of the day we cannot take riches with us when we go into eternity.

Let us not wait until we are swallowed up and vomited out before we do what God is calling us to do.

Let us seek to ensure that our lives reflect his purpose for us regardless of what that purpose is. We are all different and because of that, our purpose in him will not be the same. Let us not be envious of what others are doing but do what he has for us and find contentment in that.

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