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Work in Progress

Have you ever driven by a building that is under construction? Often, it looks like a chaotic mess to us because of our limited knowledge of the building process, but in reality, it is often a beautiful work in progress. So it is when God is working on us, when we are under construction.

Like a construction engineer, he is behind the scenes working from a plan that he has written from beginning to eternity. He is in possession of a great plan that is created just for us. His word says that, what no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”. (1 Cor2:9 ESV).

Like the process of building, we often cannot imagine what the finished product will be like because we are not in possession of the master plan and we have limited knowledge of the builder’s vision.

Whenever God starts working on us there is usually some digging that has to take place to lay the proper foundation for what he is constructing.

Digging is never an easy process because it means that things will have to be removed to make space for the proper material, for the solid foundation he is creating. Digging will hurt us because what has to be removed has taken firm roots inside of us and will take effort to be removed.

Our master builder is an expert in construction. His expertise allows him to work on us in a manner that is fitting to the tasks that will be required of us. He is aware of the storms that we will have to weather. The seasons we will pass through. He knows the right material to construct us with so that we can prevail against all that will come at us.

This kind of construction cannot be finished overnight, it takes time. And when he is done he will remove the under construction sign and traffic will flow. You will be open for business. Don’t rush the process, trust the process. You are in the hands of a Master Builder who has the completed blueprint. Allow him to do what he does best.

3 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. I just love this – it really resonated with me. Especially when you talked about the digging process. It is hard to endure, but thankfully we can have hope in the purpose and end result, which is always good according to Romans 8:28!

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