Keeping Your Dreams Alive When You Want To Quit

Have you hear of the story the prospector digging for gold during the California Gold Rush, made popular in the famous book, Think and Grow Rich. He apparently was digging and finding small amounts of gold but not the mother load he was after.

After a considerable amount of digging, he decided that it was pointless. Another prospector heard he was quitting and bought his tools then hired a land surveyor, geologist and an engineer. This led to the new prospector discovering gold three feet from where the original prospector stopped digging! He was so close but because he quit he lost out on the treasure he so desired.

At some point or another we’ve all been there. We have a dream within us that we are trying  to see it fulfilled  and it is just not happening. Like the prospector we sometimes give up when we may have been so close to our dream becoming a reality. Instead of giving up we can shift our focus to a few things.

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4 Basic Truths on Trusting God In Difficult Times

The other day I was watching my son searching for a toy under a couch. He went in search of his dad to help him find it. His dad held the couch for him to crawl under. When he went under the couch to get the toy, he took his own time coming out, oblivious to the fact that his dad was straining under the weight of the heavy couch.

He  put his trust in his dad, knowing he would not get hurt no matter how long it took him to find what he was looking for.

I connected this incident of trust he displayed in his father to the trust that we should have in our heavenly father. Trusting God is sometimes difficult for some of us but as we draw closer to him we realize how vital it is.  It is one of the cornerstone of our relationship with God. This incident cause me to reflect on a few aspects of trust.

The basis of our trust should not be our selves

When we encounter problems and difficulties our tendency is to retreat within ourselves first for a solution.  Almost by reflex we make our decisions based on the way that seems right to us. When we arrive at point where in spite of our best efforts things are still going awry, we get unhappy.

What trusting God remind us is, we serve a God that has divine insight into our lives.  He has a clear purpose for our lives. He sees from a perspective that we do not. We can relax and hand all our burdens to him, knowing that he has our best interest at heart.

We aim for complete trust in God

If we intend to serve God the right way, following his lead wholeheartedly is a must. We cannot trust some of what he says and ignore the rest. Turning to God for only the part of the solution will not benefit us.

God requires that we surrender everything to him. We cannot be half way in and half way out. Neither can we be lukewarm. We have to go all in, all hands on deck. What do we gain by only trusting God halfway? If we partially trust him aren’t we essentially saying we do not fully believe he has our best interest at heart?

We start where we are and continually aim to fully trust in him.

We Cannot Put Our Trust In Things Around Us

I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard someone say, all I am living for is my child or my spouse or the only thing keeping me alive is the work I do. Yes, we should value what we do and the people in our lives. But we cannot put our trust in them because they can be removed from our lives in an instant.

It is like knowing that a bridge can collapse at any moment and deciding to drive over it anyway. Every thing that we may think we can trust in is not guaranteed to last forever. Our only guaranteed is our relationship with Jesus.

Trusting God Gives Us Peace

Trusting God generates peace within us. If we decide to trust God fully then our worries can cease to exist. We can count on him to fulfill his promises in his word. This allows us to find comfort in  any outcome knowing God is in control and only what he desires will occur. When we trust God we accept that he is going to do right by us.

As Isaiah reminds us, “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you”.

We do not need to carrying any burden but give them to God and watch him guide us towards his purpose for us.

God’s word tells us that no matter how a situation seems our best response is to place our full trust in him. Like a child we are confident that he has everything in control and we can cast all our cares on him. Whether we do this or not his purpose will be accomplished, so why not align our lives with the best outcome for ourselves.

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3 Ideal Reasons To Remain Persistent When You Feel like Giving Up

Back in the day, I used to love watching the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, weird I know.  But what I liked about it was Brain’s persistence and commitment to his tasks. I sat in absolute astonishment at the end of each episode thinking that this guy is crazy for what he keeps doing. He set his objective as world domination and no matter how he got shot down he issued his famous line one every time ‘same thing we do every night try to take over the world’. 

The point could be made that it was a matter of insanity on his part, trying to do the same thing over and over and expecting to get different  results. The lesson I choose to take away is the importance of being persistent. As we go through our lives we will always be confronted by difficulties . To overcome we will have to learn to be persistent even when we just want to give up. Continue reading

The Hidden Cost of Defining People Only by Their Professions

Have you ever had a conversation with someone you had just met? You exchange pleasantries and eventually it gets to “ what do you do” and the customary nodding “oh,oh okay” happens? You can see the  wheels spinning in your counterparts head as you are assessed and place into a box that fits what you do.

There is a certain barometer that we use to measure individuals of some professions and another set for others.

Take for example the profession of medicine versus a janitor. When we meet persons from each category our minds conjure different images of who each person is based on what they do. We ascribe a certain lifestyle and possibly certain personality characteristics to each individual, making judgement about them. Continue reading

Why You Should be Careful about Comparing Yourself to Others

‘Our neighbors hen seems a goose’. Have you ever heard of this proverb? What it is really saying is that what others have always seems better than what we have, even when this is a mile away from the truth. Isn’t this a common position that many people take though?

We often think that what someone else has is better than what we have or we are envious of where someone is in there life. I’ve come to realize that this is often a tool of the enemy to distract us from God purpose for our lives. If he can get us to take our eyes off our prize, we waste time focusing on situations that will not benefit us in the long run. Continue reading

Book Review: Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work: Tim Keller

Book Title: Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your work to God’s Work

Author: Tim Keller

In this book, Tim Keller takes us on a fascinating journey to reorient our thinking about the nature of the work that we do and its value to God. He provides an excellent analysis of the importance of work and how work is viewed from a biblical standpoint.

He invites us into a deeper discussion of our work as a calling, noting that it is through our work that God achieves his business of sustaining the world. Of interest is his analysis of the move of the world to a place of viewing career as for a man’s individual fulfillment instead of a community benefit.

One of the ideas he looks at is  the fall of man and the impact it has had on the nature of our work. He explores the idea that it is because of this fall why there is so much dissatisfaction with work. He proposes that amid all of this, work is inherently good as indicated by God when he finished his work and called it good.  We all need to work and there is a sense of something missing when we are not engaged this way. Continue reading

One Verse That Helps When You Feel Anxious

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? Matthew 6:27

Is it just me? This scripture sort of knock me upside the head and says “wait a minute, what are you doing? Is this really helping you? This call to reality moment by Jesus rights my rocking anxiety ship every time. When I read this one verse, slowly but surely I find my self re-calibrating and centering myself back to the main source of comfort and peace in my life.

Unfortunately, our human nature constantly invites us to revert to a incapacitating state of mind where we neglect the goodness of God and his unwavering promises to us. We are constantly tempted to ignore the sovereign nature of God and hopelessly cling to our own ability to solve our problems instead of taking them first to the only one who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all our human expectations. Continue reading

What I Learnt About Finding Purpose At Any Age

Recently I saw this video of a  man who walked the catwalk at 80 years old. Now, I have no interest in walking the catwalk, but I admired his belief that he could do anything he set his mind to, regardless of his age. Over the course of his life, he had many opportunities and some failures. The one thing he spoke about the most was never giving up on your dreams and never believing that it is too late to achieve anything.

As a late comer to the world of writing I can relate. I’ve  had the desire to tell stories for a long time but never fully embraced it. I needed a reason to write and once I found my reason it was the beginning of a new dream. Continue reading

Should You Be Seeking Reassurance?

In one of his videos, Seth Godin speaks about the idea that when you are trying to start a project or a new venture you shouldn’t be too keen on seeking reassurance.  He opines that this need for reassurance is basically us giving in to our fears and needing someone to tell us that everything is going to be okay.

This seeking reassurance prevents us from taking risks because if we don’t get it we might never take any action. He adds that it  is not so important for us to seek reassurance but be willing to take a risk. Continue reading